Concrete Floor Polishing Tips

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A concrete floor provides many advantages aside from the fact that it is a lot sturdier and durable as compared to wooden floor tiles and other materials used for flooring purposes. It is quite easy to maintain and clean every time it acquires stains and all sorts of blemishes as you would not worry about its strength and ability to withstand pressure. In addition, you can always polish a concrete floor with simple materials and basic procedures and get the same effects in return.


Learning how to polish your concrete floor the proper way will give you lots of benefits aside from providing aesthetic for more presentable looking house flooring. All you need are basic cleaning tools and a product to polish and make the floor shine. You won’t have to hire someone to get the job done as you can do this anytime and any day you want. Although this type of task can be quite physically demanding, you can always expect a rewarding feeling in return when you see the results of your labor.


  • Preparation – make preparations a day before your work in order to achieve a successful job. If you do not have the cleansers as well as the concrete polish yet, you can take this opportunity to go to the store and purchase the amount that you will need for the job. Make sure that the broom and mop are also prepared prior to the work to avoid any hassles of looking for the cleaning tools. 
  • Clean and Clear – although you can always work even when the furniture and all sorts of stuffs are still on their exact areas inside the house, cleaning while you clear things will help a lot in your project. Moving things from where they used to be will help you clean underneath these stuffs where dirt, dust, and debris get caught. In addition, you can accomplish a better job when you move things from places to places for your convenience. You can either clean using wet method or eliminate all sorts of blemishes using the dry technique. Both of these are quite effective in providing order and cleanliness inside the house.
  • Mop – use your mop to sweep the floor before you use your concrete floor polish product. This will give you a glossy surface which is an advantage to your part as you won’t have to work extra efforts to produce a shiny floor.
  • Apply Polisher – pour an ample amount on the floor and spread it by sweeping it with a clean rag or mop. Make sure that it is properly distributed to ensure an evenly polished floor surface. Avoid using larger chunks of the product as this will leave an unpleasant effect on the floor.
  • Polish – sweep the floor again to make the surface shine using a clean mop or a piece of cloth. Repeat the process until you get the effect that you are looking for. The result may often vary depending on the type of product you used on the floor as some does not shine quite as bright as the others.
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Concrete Floor Polishing Tips

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This article was published on 2012/02/24