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Many people choose Floor When faced with a variety of points, will be a vain, in the end how to choose, which is good, and what is bad?

In fact, consumer exposure to the acceptance of laminate flooring laminate flooring, two to three years but, until now, laminate flooring has become the home floor Decorative Materials Preferred. However, when we entered the laminate flooring is not difficult to find the time consumption, although most consumers are familiar with laminate flooring, such as wear-resistant and durable, have the advantages of modern, etc., but in the face Home Building Materials City Strengthen the floor in the dozens of brands and as chaotic as arithmetic sequences missing the price, they unanimously feel that loss, the time of purchase or seat of your pants, either choose the price, the most intelligent, but consumers are resistant to switch or formaldehyde as a number of selection criteria, but these targets is hard to say clearly, overall, the current consumption to strengthen the floor or in a "confused" stage, from the mature consumer is still lagging behind. How to choose laminate flooring, wear rotation is not an absolute indicator?

To understand laminate flooring, laminate flooring, we must first understand the composition.
Composition of laminate flooring is divided into four layers, wear-resistant surface layer, the second layer of organic dye in the decorative layer, the third layer of high HDF MDF The fourth level moisture back. Strengthen the floor for the assessment of performance, Europe has developed a test laminate flooring, quality standards, the products of wear rpm, water expansion, formaldehyde emission, density and other indicators may be limited test. Consumers is mainly based on these indicators to choose laminate flooring. However, with laminate flooring, mature technology and progress, the existing testing methods and test projects have been showing unreasonable. Because usually only one floor away for testing samples of a floor that is not strictly representative of all floors of the index, while the detection process there are too many factors that lead to errors in test results, the European quality standards has begun to change or even eliminate some testing means. To wear rpm, for example, as detection tool wear, censorship and even differences in the sample cause climate change, so that test data can have a great error, error of up to 40% off, so Europe is no longer to wear turn is measured laminate flooring abrasion resistance, wear-resistant layer and replace the aluminum oxide content testing standards, according to wear layers of aluminum oxide content and expressed as AC1, AC2, AC3 ... ... and so analogy.

"Boat deck" type floor wear intensity, wear-resistant layer of aluminum oxide + wear particles (diamond body composition), at home, doing equipment movement, sharp furniture legs, small animal claws can not It hurt.

Purchase should be to strengthen the floor to test target as a reference, while China Certification Committee for Environmental Labelling of Green certification is also a reference. In 1994, 13 ministries and experts from the China Environmental Label Certification Committee was established, the experts for green certification on the floor of products made in-depth and detailed investigation and deliberation, not only with reference to the German and European standards and other well-known international environmental standards, and combined actual situation in China was amended, the overall standard of the basic line with international environmental standards, in some details still higher than international standards. There are four brands of flooring products certified by the green the first time, which Flooring is the only green certified by the import brands.

We all know, on the floor of formaldehyde in the production process is an essential material used in bonding is the most important pollutants (formaldehyde activity, may produce human respiratory tract and eyes, mucous membrane irritation.), Which consists of floor released from the joints, poor quality if the floor, joint is not close enough, releasing formaldehyde and more, will not have the green environmental standards. Therefore, the national green certification through the floor of the floor superior quality, environmental behavior Shuangyou excellent product. Flooring with the world's most advanced processing technology, embossing seal groove height, the installation must use the power of up to 50 kilograms of special tensioner to fit, minimizing between the plate and the plate shaking, the floor in the using a dedicated Glue Water thoroughly after seal seamless, dynamic and thermal expansion and contraction do not step on the loose and can produce cracks, like "boat deck" fear as wind and rain, turbulence is not broken, a truly pollution-free green floor.
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Experts Advise: Buy Laminate Flooring Can Not Be Confused - The Floor, Purchase, Laminate Flooring -

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