Factory Hardwood Floor Finishes Of A Prefinished Floor

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You will find that learning about hardwood floor finishes will help you make an informed choice about the best flooring for your home. Most homeowners choose prefinished flooring, that comes already stained and sealed from the factory, rather than choosing to finish the wood after it is laid down.

Using prefinished wood flooring has both advantages and disadvantages over unfinished materials that are laid down and later finished. On-site finishing can create a ultra modern, seamless look, can be customized by inlays and borders, and can be more forgiving of sub floor irregularities. It is generally a more time consuming and expensive option.

Manufactured flooring goes down quickly, since it is laid in sections, and is suitable for covering concrete as well as plywood subflooring. All coats are applied at the factory, so neither sanding or varnishing is needed in your home. This makes the job simple enough for it to be done in one day. Once you choose the flooring you want, it is delivered ready to use.

There are also fewer fumes or lingering odors with premade flooring, so the house can be occupied the night of the installation without health hazard or discomfort. Care must be taken to have the subflooring clean and smooth, since irregularities that show after the floor is laid cannot be smoothed away by sanding.

Professional grades of finish can be applied at the manufacturing plant, chemicals which are too hazardous or are unavailable for home application. Although there are types of urethane suitable for doing a floor yourself as long as the cautions are followed, the results are not as durable or scratch resistant as the finishes the factory can apply.

Many factory finishes are urethane-based, but the professionals there can work with acid or water based products that are hard to handle at home. There are processes that cure the finishes with ultra violet light, inject the cells of the wood itself with acrylics, or add aluminum or ceramic particles to the finish. All of these procedures give more abrasion proofing to the floors. For added toughness, the top coat or 'wear level' is often polyurethane, an even tougher coating.

These methods and modifications mean that the hardwood manufactured flooring can carry long warranties against wear and damage, up to twenty-five years for premium floors. If damaged, the flooring must be relaid in sections; it cannot be pieced together or re-coated unless the original floor is sanded to bare wood. However, these durable synthetic resins stand up well to wear and spills. Oak and some of the exotic woods are very hard, and resist denting from dropped objects, for instance.

Although getting a custom look is harder with prefinished hardwood, the variety of elegant, rustic, distressed, or exotic woods available makes for an extremely wide choice. Pair the wood itself with the different stain colors, choose between glossy and satin options, and find that a factory floor can still have a unique look.

Factory applied hardwood floor finishes are durable, beautiful, practical, and affordable. An online search will give homeowners the information they need to make an informed choice.

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Factory Hardwood Floor Finishes Of A Prefinished Floor

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This article was published on 2010/12/20