Hardwood Flooring Planks and Tiles Very Popular in Ottawa

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Ottawa is a very pleasant and interesting place to live. The residents are very friendly and active, especially when it comes to the way they want their homes to look. That is why they know that when it is time to purchase large items such as flooring, Ottawa sales people will help them choose the exact product that works best for them.

There are many flooring options that are available in today's market. Tile and hardwood flooring seem to be favorites with many consumers. In Ottawa, tile flooring consists of many different kinds such as vinyl and wood, to name only a few.

Vinyl tile flooring

Consumers have the choice to buy vinyl tile flooring that simulates real wood. Many times, unless they really inspect them closely, consumers cannot tell that they are not real wood. Some examples of the tiles that can be bought in dark or light colored looking-wood are pine, oak, maple and mahogany. They are water resistant, easy to clean and are long lasting, even under heavy walking conditions. Vinyl tile flooring in Ottawa offers their consumers great looking and earthy wood toned colors that will satisfy even the pickiest consumers.

Wood tile flooring

Wood tile flooring in Ottawa is much more durable and longer lasting than ever before. Manufacturers have continuously made surface finishes stronger because of advanced technology. As with hardwood flooring, wood tiles can totally be pre-finished in the manufacturing process. This makes it easier to apply a real hard surface application during manufacturing that will hold up and keep its shine for many years.

Hardwood flooring

Some types of wood are softer than others. A hardwood flooring in Ottawa might be best for consumer's needs, especially if there is a lot of foot traffic.

In Ottawa, hardwood flooring is chosen by many consumers. They can purchase planks in different sizes and widths. Planks can be manufactured to look like they have been around for a hundred years. They are really wide and have fake worm holes in them that look very aged. These go well with any home, especially with farm or country homes that have lasted through time and have that classic older feel. In Ottawa, flooring planks can also look very sleek and modern through their slender style cut. Some add the elegance of a stately home. All of these types of planks add beauty, durability and longevity to any consumer's of home.

Pre-finished hardwood flooring

Consumers who choose to install hardwood flooring in Ottawa will have to decide whether they want to buy it pre-finished from the factory or have it finished after installation has been completed. The pre-finished flooring has very little effects on dust and smell in the home during installation. It is less time consuming to install. However, in Ottawa, hardwood flooring that has to be finished after installation occurs does have some disadvantages that the homeowner should be aware of. The sanding of the wood will cause wood dust in the home. Also, the applications of the final surface coats that seal the wood, make it shine and help the wood keep its strength, will give out a smell in the home for a while.

Consumers are very educated about the type of flooring they are shopping for. The sales people who sell the flooring in Ottawa are very knowledgeable and make sure that they buy what they want, what they can afford and what will be the best type of flooring for their lifestyles.

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Hardwood Flooring Planks and Tiles Very Popular in Ottawa

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Hardwood Flooring Planks and Tiles Very Popular in Ottawa

This article was published on 2012/02/03