Installing A Laminate Floor

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Would you like a nice light coloured floor covering your lounge or hallway, but always end up going for a dark coloured carpet to put up with the wear and tear of these high traffic areas? Well if this sounds like you then why not go and look at laminate flooring as an option instead?

You can now get laminate flooring in just about any colour you want, and in a variety of effects, varying from the traditional wooden strip flooring, to simulated bricks or stones.

The advantage it has is that even in a very light wood colour (Such as that comparable to a cream carpet), if it gets any dirt on it then you can simply mop it clean, or use a household scouring pad for tough stains.

Now whereas most of us would never entertain laying down a carpet at home on our own, as one wrong cut can end in a total right off, most of us with even limited DIY skills can be capable of laying down a laminate floor.

The tools and skills needed are now very simple.

Ten years ago it was a different matter as all laminate floors had to have the boards glued together along the edges, and then tapped home with a special guide block and a mallet. This meant that the floors were very securely fastened down, and damage to just one board could mean replacing the whole floor, as no one board could be taken up without damaging the surrounding boards. Once it was laid down, it was for good!

These days all laminate flooring is of the "Clicklock" variety and no glue is needed, nor in the majority of instances is a guide block or a mallet. The laminated boards now simply click together.

This has revolutionised the fit out time, with a laminate floor being put down in just a few hours. The only other tools you need are a tape measure, pencil and a saw (Ideally an electric saw). Start off by cutting one board in half, paying careful attention to the instructions, as you will need to start in one corner of the room in particular due to the way the boards click together. Get this first board right at and your floor will fly down!

The first board down should be cut in half, then lay the rest of the row, then use a full board to start the next row, and then another half board to start the next row and so on. Doing this will stagger the boards like bricks in a wall, resulting in a good finish for your first laminate floor. Easy to lay, so try it today.

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Installing A Laminate Floor

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This article was published on 2011/06/16