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Merbau is one of the more rare types of laminate floors, especially when compared to oak or maple. This is not, however, due to a lack of desirability. In general, Merbau is used by those wanting the floors in their home to stand out a bit. Exotic Merbau does the job wonderfully, and is a great addition to any home.

Merbau laminate floors are affordable and beautiful, as well as durable, just like any laminate floor. Many companies are producing this instant character adder. Among them are Quick Step, BHK, and Westhollow, just to name some of the more popular.

A popular choice from Westhollow is the Merbau Brazil. It's dark, rich honey color make it a very popular choice. Once installed, you'll notice that Merbau Brazil really warms up the dining and living spaces of your home. One of the cheaper laminate floors available, this floor looks absolutely stunning. Westhollow also offers plenty of other shades of Merbau, ranging from the light to the dark.

BHK offers a fairly dark Merbau choice, but they also offer another type of Merbau that is somewhat unique to them in the laminate floor industry. Under the flooring is sound dampening materials that are not present in most other brands. Both BHK floors will add beauty and style to your home at a very affordable price. BHK is an extremely reputable company, and they offer some of the best Merbau colors and tints available.

Quick-Step offers a very affordable, dark amber colored Merbau laminate. Quick-Step is simple and easy to install as well as affordable, which makes them the flooring manufacturer or choice for many. If you're planning to do this job yourself, Quick-Step is the way to go as they focus on ease of installation. The dark amber of Quick-Step's Merbau will brighten your home in an instant, and is sure to draw approving comments from anyone you may have over.

Like all laminate floor alternatives to hardwood, laminate merbau will hold up far better than hardwood in high traffic areas and save you a lot of money in the process. The high traffic caused by kids and pets are murder on floors, but a laminate floor will take it in stride. You're sure to be glad you went with laminate floor as opposed to hard wood, whether you choose one of the companies detailed above or any other manufacturer of laminate floors.

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Merbau Laminate Floor

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This article was published on 2010/03/27