Shark Euro MV2010 Pro Vac-Then-Steam - Keep your Hard Floor Squeaky Clean!

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Changing carpets can be a good idea to give your floor a neat look. But, if you want your wooden floor to be squeaky clean too, then look for ways to clean up the dirt on your bare floor. With kids and pets around the home, many of you might find it hard to get rid of dirt and pet hair. Facing similar problems? Then, the Shark Euro MV2010 Pro Vac-Then-Steam is all that you need!

Before steaming your floor, you need to remove dust and debris from it. This Shark vacuum then steam mop will especially come in handy in these cases. The premium bare-floor suction feature in this steamer helps you vacuum pet hairs, fine dust, and other filth from the floor. Once you're done with dusting, you'll be clearly shocked at the number of unsightly spots all over the floor. This hard floor cleaner helps you remove them with ease!

A pair of superior cleaning microfiber cleaning pads in this Shark Euro Pro Vac-Then-Steam helps you get rid of those mucky spots in no time. You just have to fill the water tank and let it heat up for some time before mopping your floor. The powerful steam clears out oil spots, sticky dirt, and other hard-to-remove stains from your floor. The main plus of this steam cleaner is its lightweight design. So, you can move it around effortlessly! The fairly long cord (30 feet) makes movement even easier!

With more than fifteen minutes of steam cleaning power, you can clean up an entire room before replenishing the water tank. Apart from making your floor look clean, this hard floor cleaner sanitizes it too! Wouldn't you be delighted if we say this steamer ensures 99.9% protection from bacteria and germs?

If you think that steam cleaners leave the floor damp for a long time, then you're getting the wrong end of the stick. The quickly drying cleaning pads leave your floor dry in just seconds! With so much to benefit from, we think that this Shark Euro Pro Vac-Then-Steam is a must-have for every home! And, to get the best deals on this product, just log on to NFM.

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Shark Euro MV2010 Pro Vac-Then-Steam - Keep your Hard Floor Squeaky Clean!

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This article was published on 2011/08/30