The Benefits of Using Cork Flooring

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There are some excellent natural materials which can be effectively used as flooring in the home besides carpeting and solid hard wood. One of these is cork flooring. There are many benefits of using this material in the home or even in an office space. Read on to discover if this could be the perfect choice for you when it comes time for you to find a suitable material to replace your current flooring.

The Eco –Friendly Benefits of Cork Flooring

1. Sustainability

We all know that the forests around the world are in danger of being wiped out. This has serious implications for wild life and of course for the amount of carbon dioxide in the planet. Trees take carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen, only time will tell how the loss of the forests and rain forest will impact the earth, but anything we can do to reduce the damage has got to be a good thing.

Cork comes from the bark of the Cork Oak Tree. There is no need to chop down the tree to get the useful material which means the trees can be left to grow and provide homes for wildlife and benefit the atmosphere.

2. Insulating properties

Cork flooring is the perfect choice to make if you are looking to reduce the amount of energy you waste in your home or workplace. The natural insulator is able to stop heat from escaping out of the floor and it is able to retain heat excellently. You can use it to reduce the time you need to have the heating on, which in turn makes your energy bills less frightening at the end of each month and helps reduce your carbon footprint.

It is worth knowing that cork is also able to insulate against sound pollution too. If you live in an apartment block and have to worry about neighbours underneath it is possible to help reduce the noise with this floor. You might also like to consider it as suitable flooring for children’s bedrooms in the house to help reduce the noise which can be filtered through the home whether the children are playing or listening to loud music.

The Benefits for Health and Home

1. Resistance

In many homes in Britain there are problems with damp. Not many floors are able to resist the build-up of mould and mildew, and carpets are the worst culprits at helping it spread. The result is musty smelling rooms which are unhealthy and can cause respiratory problems for those suffering with allergies and asthma. Natural cork flooring is able to resist mould naturally without the use of harmful chemical treatments. This natural product is also able to resist fire and there are no deadly gases to worry about being released either.

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Cork flooring is an excellent versatile option when replacing your current flooring. Find a wide variety of natural cork flooring options online.

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The Benefits of Using Cork Flooring

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The Benefits of Using Cork Flooring

This article was published on 2012/02/23