Travertine Floor Cleaner Care Tips

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When you have special flooring other than carpet, there are different travertine floor cleaner care methods as well as other types of flooring that need special care to keep them in tip top shape. With having a special flooring such as the travertine, it is a beautiful look that is displayed in the home so nicely with its marble look, but you will need to be responsible when it comes to tile and stone cleaning and maintenance to keep the nice look. Not only is it to keep it looking beautiful, but for sanitary reasons as well.

It is very important that if there are any spills that they are wiped up immediately in order to keep the floor clean and in good shape. Standing moisture damages these floors and can also permanently discolor them if the spills are of liquids such as juices, coffee, tea or wine. Make sure that you use a neutral cleaner or stone soap to clean floors that are travertine tile. Your cleaning agent needs to be applied using a soft sponge or cloth that is not abrasive, and you should quickly follow behind with a dry mop. Be careful not to use too much cleaning product, because it is going to produce streaks on your tile and may eventually cause a film build up.

Sometimes it is best to contact a tile cleaning service with specific questions about different liquids that may spill on the floor. There may be different cleaning solutions that need to be used on different floors. For example, there might be a different slate floor cleaner solution versus a ceramic tile floor cleaner or a travertine floor cleaner versus a granite floor cleaner formula. It is always best to use the right cleaning solution so that you do not destroy your precious floor and end up needing to replace them which can be quite costly.

The main thing is to take caution with any liquids that you have such as bath and beauty products, soft drinks, orange juice, and other substances. If you have granite counter tops in your kitchen, it may be best to have coasters around to set drinks on, just in case. Placing rugs or mats in high traffic areas will definitely be a great way to protect your flooring from scratches and marks caused by tracking in debris from shoes. Some special flooring can be scratched easily from little pebbles caught in the soles of peoples shoes that they might track in from outside.

In the meantime, regular maintenance should be done to keep as much dirt, debris and dust off of your floors as possible. It is easy to dust mop your floors regularly to keep them in top shape for many years, looking beautiful and maintaining the aesthetic attractiveness of your entire home. And, if you need a travertine cleaner solution or any other type of flooring, contact your local tile cleaning specialist to see what the best way to clean up messes would be.
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Travertine Floor Cleaner Care Tips

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This article was published on 2011/01/19