Why Choose Solid Oak Flooring?

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When you are looking for wood flooring for the home, one of the choices that you may want to use is solid oak flooring, which will last for the lifetime of your home. While wood floors need a certain amount of care to keep them in good condition, this is easily accomplished with the many products that are especially designed for maintaining wood flooring. These include products such as vacuums that can clean wood floors without scratching them as well as cleaning products.

Installing wood flooring such as solid oak flooring is usually done by those who have carpentry skills and also know how to lay down a floor. While those who have carpentry knowledge and the right tools as well as know how can accomplish this type of work on their own, it is usually advisable for the first time do it yourselfer to get help when it comes to laying down a wood floor. You do not always have to start with a sub floor when you are putting down wood flooring as it can be installed over concrete or other flooring that is used for the base floor.

Care of solid oak flooring entails that you keep it dry as well as free from scratches. High traffic areas in the home can be covered with area rugs to protect the wood flooring in the home, but chances are that if you have this type of flooring you will want to show it off to its best advantage. Solid oak flooring comes natural but can be stained to any color. Wood flooring should also be sealed with a varnish so that it can repel dust and debris. This does not mean that you have to use a high gloss finish for the wood flooring, however. Many people today who use solid oak flooring are getting away from the high gloss flooring of yesterday and using a matte finish for their floors.

If the solid oak flooring comes pre-stained, then you will usually want to stain it before you install the wood flooring. While you can stain wood floors after they have been installed, most people find it easier to stain them before installation. After installation of solid oak flooring is when you will want to seal it with a varnish to protect the floor.

You will want to wait until the floor has settled and any varnish on the floor has completely dried before using the wood flooring. This can take a day or so in order to be complete, depending on the products that you are using. If you have a floor down already, such as wall to wall carpeting, you will naturally want to remove the floor and then install the wood flooring over the base floor. If the base floor is cracked, as is the case with concrete floors, it is advisable to put down a sub floor of plywood before installing solid oak flooring as this will make it stay in good shape for a longer period of time. With the correct care, wood flooring will last the lifetime of the house, although you may have to strip, re-stain and varnish wood flooring after a period of many years to get it to look like new again.
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Why Choose Solid Oak Flooring?

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This article was published on 2011/02/02