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Do you realize that the floor of your car gets worn alongside all its parts? Usually, most of us do not pay attention to it, focusing, instead on mechanical failures. However, any damages to the floor's upholstery are worth noticing. Apparently, they might not only ruin your car esthetically but also prove to be dangerous in some situations.

Do you really care whether you track some dirt into the car on your shoes? Well, probably you don't. After all, it's only a car and not some precious object from the Antiquity. So, if you often drive in poor weather conditions, huge amounts of dirt probably stay on your shoes. When your shoes touch the upholstery, it creates marks, that with time become larger and larger. If this happens a lot, your car's floor might simply look terribly even after a few months of your using it, because these stains are really hard to remove.

To add fuel to fire, it's not only the dirt that the floor's upholstery is exposed to. If it's raining or snowing outside, your shoes would get soaked in the water. It's only a matter of time when the water starts to drip from there while you're driving. Where does it go? Obviously, it lands on your car's floor. The upholstery absorbs it like a sponge, and after some time huge stains will be coming out.

Here is some bad news: removing them is extremely difficult. It takes lots of time to get rid of these stains. However, it seems that having these in the car is a huge blow for the floor. In addition, some truly unpleasant smells will probably start to come out soon. Aside from the esthetics issue, these stains might prove to be dangerous for your driving safety. Actually, when exposed to higher temperatures, the water starts to evaporate. As a result, the car's windows fog up. In order to improve visibility, you will need to stop every now and then so as to clear them. It might be really time-consuming.

You could have easily avoided that if you protected your car's floor from the water. As drying the upholstery is a rather tough task, it might be a good idea to think about some other form of cover for the floor. For instance, Lexus RX floor mats can prove to be very handy in this case. These rugs will absorb most of the water dripping from your shoes, hence protecting the upholstery. If they become too wet, you will just need to take them out and dry. In case there is too much dirt on them, dusting them off is much easier than having to vacuum the whole upholstery. 

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Why use floor mats for cars

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This article was published on 2012/03/14